Montana CattleWomen Memorial Scholarship
1. Applicant must be from a Montana home.
2. Applicant must attend an accredited Montana institution of post-secondary education, either
public or private.
3. Applicant must be at least a sophomore in college. Preference will be given to applicants majoring in a field beneficial to the livestock industry.
4. Applicant must have a college grade point average of 2.7 or better.
5. Applicant must have a reasonable need of financial aid.
6. A student from AG-oriented family may be given preference.
7. Members or children of members of Montana CattleWomen, Inc. may be given preference.

1. All applications shall be submitted to the Scholarship Committee online. The information shall be placed into the application available on MCW website. Please answer every question. You may use more space if necessary.
2. Official Transcripts from high school and college and Letters of Recommendation are to be included in the application.
3. Letters of Recommendation must be placed in an envelope and sealed by the signer. The transcripts and Letters of Recommendation shall be mailed to:
Montana CattleWomen, Inc. Office (420 N. California, Helena 59601) postmarked no later than April
15, 2018.

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