The Wixii Project: HOW Do We Survive+?

Welcome to The Wixii™ Project: HOW do we Survive+? We are collecting stories and research data from real women and men, who are in the mix of work and life, to help us all better understand what it means to “THRIVE” in work and life. At Women in the Mix, we believe that we each must do what it takes to survive, and those of us who thrive are the ones who move beyond survival mode, in other words, THRIVING = Survival PLUS(+). Your responses to our short survey will help us better understand HOW do we Survive+?

Legalese (forgive us, we are lawyers, after all!): By completing and submitting this questionnaire, you consent (i) to share your information on our blog, except as noted by you at the end of the questionnaire, and (ii) to allow us to contact you with any follow-up questions. We will also add you to our mailing list so that you can stay “in the mix.” Please read our privacy policy ( and Google’s policies ( If you are selected as a Wixii feature of the week, we will contact you to review and approve the draft profile prior to publication. Feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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