Application for The Hudson Valley Current to fund services and/or products for your org:
The Hudson Valley Current is a nonprofit in the Mid-Hudson Valley Area that helps match unmet needs with underutilized resources — a way for people in our community to exchange goods and services without US dollars.

This document contains the information you need to apply for an increased line of credit to your HVC account Please read these instructions before filling out the form. You must complete your application and submit it to us with all the required supporting documents.

The Hudson Valley Current is a local currency that keeps our money local and helps increase the impact of our local nonprofits. We offer nonprofits an increased line of Current credit which acts like a 'grant' and helps the organization pay for products and/or services - instead of asking them to be donated by a HVC member.

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What is The Hudson Valley Current Heart of Gold?
The HVC provides an increased line of credit (interest free, no terms, no penalties) to a nonprofit so that they can compensate volunteers which have provided goods or services for the organization.
How does this help your nonprofit?
The no terms increased line of credit provides nonprofits with a way to compensate volunteers or businesses for goods or services that they donate to the nonprofit. This should increase the number of volunteers and businesses working within the Hudson Valley community area who are willing to help local impact nonprofits achieve their missions.
NonProfit Eligibility Criteria to Receive Grant:
-- HQ within the Hudson Valley region including Ulster, Dutchess and Greene Counties.
-- Be a Hudson Valley Current Member in good standing (sign up at
-- Service the local area of the Hudson Valley
-- Have a specific need and a proposal from a contractor offering products and/or services in exchange for Currents and
able to show that this is a product and service that holds the same USD value (e.g menu, price list, paid USD invoice etc)
-- The Contractor, Business or Volunteer must be a Hudson Valley Current Member
-- Include appropriate documentation (e.g. related invoices & receipts of payment)
How do I apply?
Submit your completed application with related documentation to be reviewed.
Who can I speak to for more information on your application?
For more information you can email
Taxable Income
As required by tax law, HVC will issue all 1099B to the NP and their Contractor, Business or Volunteer who received compensation for their services a record. The HVC member offering the services to the nonprofit will be paid - therefore it will not be considered a donation, but income, and should be reflected in the member's taxes as such.
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First and last name
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EIN Number *
All HVC Member Usernames - must include the HVC usernames for the Nonprofit applying along with the Contractor/Business/Volunteer Name(s) offering to donate their services. *
Nonprofit Organization Name *
Phone number *
Mailing Address (include your city, state, zip) *
Contractor/Business/Volunteer Name(s) *
Deliverables: Items/Services to be completed by the Contractor and date. *
How many Currents you are requesting? *
Please explain why you are seeking products, services or volunteer hours to be donated to your nonprofit and how you are helping the community. *
Opportunity to Upload (up to 5 docs): Provide invoice(s) from the Contractor/Business to your Nonprofit indicating they will be accepting Currents. Please also include proof of the USD value of the service, which matches the invoice in Currents. If you do not currently hold this information, you can still submit the application but please email documentation to within 2 weeks of submitting the application.
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