Kemp-Carver Mentor Application
Our vision for the role of serving at Kemp-Carver Elementary is to come alongside aside the teachers at KC, help meet the needs of their kids, and build relationships with the families of the kids. The primary role we need volunteers for at this time is to monitor Pre-K kiddos during lunch. However we will also have a variety of options to serve as the year progresses and needs arise. Thank you for taking time to fill out the following application. Once you submit the form, we will have some one in contact with you shortly about how you can help.
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The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I, undersigned, give my authorization to Declaration Church or its representatives to release any and all records or information relating to working with minors. The church may contact my references and appropriate government agencies as deemed necessary in order to verify my suitability as a children’s ministry volunteer. *
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We are so excited and grateful that you are interested in volunteering. BEFORE you start volunteering, you must visit the following link AND fill out a background check form and a volunteer application:
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