BPMS Giving Tree
Please use this form to sign up as a Holiday sponsor by selecting the item that you would like to provide from the dropdown menu. Each family is grouped by number and each child in that family has his/her own list. You may select any number of items from any list. Brands listed are PREFERRED but not REQUIRED! They can also be inspiration for the look that student likes. Be sure to write down the items and Family Member ID selected. A copy of your selections will be sent to your email.

Items need to be dropped off at Baker Prairie by December 16th (or earlier). They can be wrapped or unwrapped. Be sure to label each item with the identifying number and letter.

***To help avoid choosing an item that has already been selected, please be sure that you exit and re-open this form if you leave it open for a long period, so that selected items will be eliminated. You can select more than one item, but each item for the same individual will require a new form submission***

Sizes are provided as needed next to the item itself in parenthesis. Unless otherwise specified, they are Adult sizes.

Donations of gift wrap, bags, tissue paper, and other wrapping supplies are welcome and appreciated!

Thank you for supporting this great program!
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Gift Selection
You can submit the form multiple times to select multiple items. Clothing is in Adult sizes UNLESS specified. If there aren't any more options under a family or individual, try another!
Family 1
1A - Female
1B - Female
1C - Female
1D - Female
1E - Female
Family 2
2A - Male
2B - Female
Family 3
3A - Female
3B - Male
3C - Female
3D - Male
3E - Male
Family 4
4A - Female
4B - Male
5A - Male
Family 6
6A - Male
6B - Female
6C - Female
6D - Male
6E - Male
7A - Female
7B - Male
8A - Male
Family 9
9A - Male
9B - Male
10A - Male
10B - Female
Family 11
11A - Male
11B - Male
11C - Female
11D - Male
Family 12
12A - Male
12B - Male
12C - Female
12D - Male
12E - Female
Family 13
13A - Male
13B - Female
13C - Male
14A - Male
14B - Female
14C - Male
14D - Female
Family 15
15A - Female
15B - Female
Family 16
16A - Male
16B - Male
Family 17
Family 18
18A - Male
18B - Female
18C - Male
18D - Male
Family 19
19A - Male
19B - Male
19C - Male
19D - Male
20A - Female
21A - Male
22A - Female
23A - Female
23B - Male
23C - Male
23D - Male
Family 24
24A - Female
24B - Male
25A - Female
26A - Male
26B - Male
27A - Female
Family 28
28A - Male
Family 29
29A - Male
29B - Male
30A - Male
Family 31
31A - Male
31B - Female
Family 33
33A - Male
Family 34
34A - Male
34B - Male
34C - Female
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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