Community Youth Survey - Sooke
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. The answers you give will help two projects understand the needs and voices of youth in Sooke:

1. Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN) is planning to build a space that will be shared by seniors, teenagers, and the community. We would like to hear what you would like to see and do in this space.
2. The District of Sooke is completing their Official Community Plan (OCP) review. It’s an opportunity for the District to ensure that the goals and objectives which were set out in the OCP are still important to the community.
How old are you? *
In the community space, what would you like available to use any time you were there?
What other activities would you like from time to time?
What would stop you from coming and using the space?
Would you like a family cooking night in the group kitchen?
Clear selection
What do you do outside of school time?
Would you appreciate help from someone in the community with your hobbies/interests?
Clear selection
Employment-wise, which opportunities would youth in our community benefit from the most?
What type of job skills training programs would you be interested in?
How do you move around Sooke?
Where do you prefer to spend time with friends?
What do you like about living in Sooke?
What don’t you like about living in Sooke?
OCPs help address a wide range of themes. What five themes do you think should be prioritized?
Your Vision
Pause for a moment and imagine what Sooke could look like in the future.

▪ What housing options do you have?
▪ What transportation choices are available?
▪ What kinds of open spaces and natural areas do you visit?
▪ Where do you work and how do you get there?
▪ What types of shops and services do you use?

What comes to mind? Share your vision!
Please consider housing, moving around the district, destinations and services, connecting with social networks, playing and relaxing, working, connecting with the natural world, tackling and adapting to climate change, and more...
Your Vision
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