Iowa Business Council Feedback & Input Form
Thank you for being willing to add your productive input to how we, as Iowans, can help diversify and increase our population. We want to hear best practices, persistent challenges, and overall input from communities around the state. If you have questions, please email
Organization You Represent
What are some of the barriers to attracting and supporting a diverse workforce in your organization or community?
What policies do you believe could help the state or your community in attracting and supporting a diverse workforce?
What is one thing your organization or community does well as it relates to providing for a diverse community or adding to cultural inclusion?
As diversity grew in your community, what are some of the challenges you would tell other communities to prepare for and how did you address them?
What are the next steps that your community needs to be taking to continue your path and expand to meet workforce and growth needs?
Please provide any other general feedback
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