ChangeMakers'ON Boost Camp 2018 participants' registration form
Hey hey dear ChangeMaker:) we are very happy to know you are interested to be selected and take part in the big challenge to make the World a better place to live. ChangeMakers'ON boost camp is for everyone, who has already made first steps and have just created something. With the help of great experts, we will help you to launch your business and enter into the market.

Be maximum honest while filling the form and please provide as much information as possible.

Criteria for to be selected:
-impact for the society
-motivation of your team

If you do not have the team but still want to participate, just let us know :)

If you have any questions, contact us any time by e-mail or call us +37062095401

1.Name of your team *
2. Team members (name, surname, e-mail, phone number, Facebook, LinkedIn) *please provide information about every member *
3. Full competences of your team (please describe the role of each team member; briefly describe the strengths and added value he/she brings for your team. Ex. He is very good communicator and networker or she is our brains and the best engineer ever or... ) *
4. What problem you want to solve? (Describe very clear and briefly. Also, provide your argument why do you think this is an existing problem?) *
5. What solution you have found (you are offering)? (Please provide how you will solve the problem, what will be a global impact) *
5* if you have any presentation or pitchdeck - upload it here
6. What is done already by your team? (any information is important and valuable) *
7. What help do you need the most at the moment (human resources, knowledge, understanding, technical help or... please specify everything) *
8. What biggest challenges do you see at the moment? *
9. Why your solution is innovative? (please describe briefly why/where/how it is original, different and new) *
10. Where your income stream will come from? *
11. What is your personal motivation to become the part of ChangeMakers'ON Boost Camp 2018? *
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