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Hello, there!

After manifesting my exact DREAM GUY (who is now my husband), I learned the real reason behind why I was STUCK in such an unhappy life and depressed state for YEARS before that. And it wasn't about affirmations or journaling what I want most. It was about how I feel and what I believe--and how those things impact what or WHO I attract. 

It's about programming. And rewiring your own brain to break the thought patterns caused by trauma and negative feelings stored in your body/mind.

Now, I'm basically obsessed with anything that helps me grow out of all the painful patterns and beliefs that kept me trapped in depression and generally feeling like I wasn't good enough. 

I'm worthy.

So are you.

If you're tired of feeling the same old "I'm not good enough" and "I want more" but never feeling any closer to that life, I can help.

By working together, I can’t promise you’ll make a million dollars (it's possible but that's on you), but I can promise you’ll know what it takes to get where you want to go and how to feel happier while doing it. Let me give you the tools and tips it took me years to uncover. 

Let me show you how to write your own HEA!

Please complete each field as thoroughly as possible and I'll reach out soon!

~ Heather

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