Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad - Registration Form
Instructions to teacher coordinator: Complete this form after you have:
1. Gathered the details from students who will be participating in SJChO and email to Please use the excel template provided (
2. Payment details. (IFAAS: reference number; Cheque: bank name and cheque number; Internet banking: date, transaction reference).

For any inquiries, please email Ms Minee Chan (

*In case you have any problem filling up the form, please use Chrome. Thanks.

Name *
Please input name of teacher in charge including salutation (Dr/Mr/Ms/Mrs). E.g. Mr Lim Ah Tu.
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Email *
Please fill in your email contact. We will only contact you via email regarding Chemistry in education.
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Contact no. *
Please key in your contact number. E.g. 98765432 It will be use only when we urgently need to get in touch with you. Otherwise we will email you.
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Full name of school *
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Number of students *
Register at least 25 participants to guarantee 1 team to round 2.
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Amount Payable *
Please enter the total amount in registration fees your school will be sending. Registration fees are $15 per student for MOE schools and $30 per student for international school. Please double-check that the payment amount is correct. E.g. Enter "600" if the number of students registered is 40.
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Name list *
Rename the namelist to replace "School name" with your actual school name. E.g. SNIC Secondary School 2018 SJChO namelist. Note that registration is not complete without a student list. This is to confirm that you have emailed the name list to Yes, this email is different from our secretariat's email.
Payment Method *
1. Payment via IFAAS is preferred. An e-invoice will be issued to your school. Enter transaction number after completion of payment by admin staff in your school. 2. Cheque. Payable to "Singapore National Institute of Chemistry". An invoice will be emailed to you. 3. Internet banking. An invoice will be emailed to you. Please transfer to Singapore National Institute of Chemistry; Bank: DBS, Ac No: 032-000971-9
PDPA Notice *
By registering for this event, consent is given to SNIC under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 to collect, use and disclose your personal data: 1. as provided in this entry form and accompanying files, or 2. as obtained from the results of SJChO, or 3. as visual images, photographs and/or videos captured during SJChO events about yourself, volunteers from your organisation for the event, and students, for the purpose of administering the event, marketing and promotional activities related to SJChO, SNIC and the promotion of Chemistry in Singapore. If you are not agreeable, please refrain from submitting this form.
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