Wooden Spoon Theme Nomination
Every year we present a Wooden Spoon prize to a problematic theme that we have seen in some reporting of violence against women that year.

For the 2019 Awards we are taking suggestions for what this year’s theme should be.

To give you some ideas about the sort of thing we are looking for, in 2018 we awarded the Wooden Spoon to “Nice Guys”. We noted a pattern of sympathetic or positive portrayals of perpetrators of violence against women – many stories calling them devoted dads, good guys, respected members of the community, esteemed coach, and, once, an “awesome husband”.

In 2016 it was awarded to “invisible women”. Namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman’s name in cases of a violence against her and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for what our theme this year should be.
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