Go Bangalore Meetup - Feedback
Feedbacks for speakers
How useful and effective it was to you?
What's something we could Improve?
Could be specific to speakers (if you felt it wasn't 90% please share the speaker name and why), or for organisers, or general expectation around talks, timing, would you prefer a workshop etc, new ideas.
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What did you like in the meetup? or what do you expect in the upcoming one.
could be people, or content (be specific), snacks, hosting place or anything
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Would you like to talk in the next/later meetup?
share your email or gophers slack id (topic too, if you 've fixed), you can ping us in golang meetup too
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What's the topic you wanna learn/listen to next time?
If more people wanna learn about this, we could have someone pick this and do a talk.
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