OddFellows of Mountain View Space Use Request Form
The Independent Order of the OddFellows of Mountain View loves sharing our lodge space with organizations and people who share our purpose in the community. We have hosted baking lessons for foster youth and given weekly space for writing groups, hold annual holiday dinners and crafts fairs. Our ability to share our space with you hinges on 2 things:

1) Your event furthers our purpose as an organization, which is summarized using some very 19th century language as: "Visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan." Practically, this means we are interested in events which:
- Help people who are sick, whether chronically or acutely
- Support people who are in crisis
- Help bury those whose families cannot afford a dignified burial
- Enable foster youth to survive and thrive, fully integrated into our community
- Build community to make the South Bay more creative, mutually-supportive, and wonderful

2) One of our members being willing and able to be present just before, during, and just after the event. We're just beginning to explore opening our space up to the broader community and want to make sure the space is providing a good service and ends-up in good shape before and after events.

We meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month, so if you message us about an event next week, we probably can't help. But if you give us a months' heads-up, we can get back to you with a yes or a no pretty quickly.

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Organization (We're happy to work with individuals, but if you're with an organization it's nice to know)
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Date and time? (Providing 1-3 dates increases the likelihood we can share our space)
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Event's purpose (try to tie it into our purpose as an organization, outlined above)
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Is anyone making money from this event? (This isn't an automatic "no," but there are a lot of for-profit spaces in Mountain View and we're trying to serve folks with little-to-no budget; if you're making money to donate to a nonprofit organization, that's perfect)
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Any questions for us? (Reach out to our Outreach Committee at 650-804-9044 or jessica.dickinson.goodman@gmail.com)
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