Stewart Team Real Estate Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship - Application
Through generous funding provided by the Stewart Team Real Estate, Rochester College offers a scholarship for students who are current social entrepreneurship major (SE Majors), or who have been accepted to Rochester College have declared social entrepreneurship as their major.

Rochester College awards $5,000 annually to one or more individuals that meet the criteria of the scholarship.

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2018.

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Describe how you intend to serve your community while you are a student at Rochester College? *
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Describe your social good passion and long-term goals regarding how you intend to serve your community after you leave Rochester College? Please be sure to both describe the social good impact you hope to achieve and how you will make it sustainable. *
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Provide a bi-annual report to the scholarship sponsor on your personal progress and intention to have a positive impact on the community
Coordinate at least one College-Community social service project that brings together RC students and Rochester area community members to help a local social cause.
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