Wheelchair Accessibility of Restaurants in Australia
Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out my survey. All responses are anonymous. If questions do not apply to you or you are not sure how to answer, feel free to skip.

This survey will provide me with valuable insight in how wheelchair users find locating wheelchair accessible restaurants in Melbourne. Responses from individuals located in other parts of Australia are also welcomed. The information gathered will only be used as part of market research for the development of a new app that finds the nearest wheelchair accessible restaurant for users.

If phone surveys are preferred or you have any questions, please email me at sabrina.leung@enactusunimelb.org.au

- Sabrina
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How do you find wheelchair accessible restaurants? (Check all that applies)
When restaurants say they are wheelchair accessible, is it often the truth?
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What features do you think a fully wheelchair accessible restaurant should have for customers? (Check all that apply) *
When eating out as (or with) a wheelchair user, what difficulties do you encounter when finding a restaurant? (Check all that apply)
How difficult is it to find a wheelchair accessible restaurant?
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How likely are you to use an app that directs you to the nearest fully wheelchair accessible restaurant?
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If any, what are some of your favourite wheelchair accessible restaurants?
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