CEO 2020 Commentary Application
Hello potential CEO commentator! Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Acceptance e-mails will be sent out shortly after the application window has closed. Commentary Applications will close on June 1st.

While any official Pro Tour selects their own commentary team, please select the games you are most proficient in with your reel.

Please do not plan your attendance exclusively on potential commentary opportunities. Only complete this form if you are planning to attend regardless of whether or not you are accepted for commentary. Commentators will receive an appearance fee for each commentary block worked and have access to the event snack room.

Applications without reels or reference videos will not be selected!

CEO Gaming does not provide travel or hotel stays for commentators. CEO does not cover side event commentary.
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To the best of your knowledge, are there either any games you are going to enter or other time conflicts preventing you from doing commentary during specific blocks? *
Please list prior FGC event and/or CEO event commentary experience: *
Please link your commentary reel (preferred) or any samples of your commentary (Protip: if you're sending us unedited match videos, help us identify which of the commentators you are): *
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Anything you would like us to know? (Comments, questions, preferred commentary partner, etc)
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