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The form below is to be used for any club or team wishing to make a complaint against another team or club within their league or competition. We hope that you do not have a cause to use it but if you feel like any individual or team has acted in a manner that goes against our British Dodgeball Code of Conduct and our Dodgeball Code we want to hear from you. A complaint can relate to any team, player, spectator, coach or referee that is present at our events and therefore must adhere to our British Dodgeball Code of Conduct. Please be aware that whilst all complaints will be reviewed by the Rules Committee, not all complaints will be deemed necessary for action to be taken or a response provided.

Where you wish to submit photo or video evidence to support your complaint, please be aware that we will only be able to consider this if the Rules Committee believe it is of sufficient quality, relevance and credibility. For video footage please only provide the minimum duration of footage required for the committee to see the incident and any context needed. Any necessary attachments (video footage, photographs, witness statements etc..) should be sent to British Dodgeball Head of Rules Jess Goshawk at

No complaints will be discussed or decided on the day of the event, therefore members of the Rules Committee should not be approached at the event regarding a complaint.

Any members of the Rules Committee where their team or themselves is involved in the incident will not be involved in that particular case.

All complaints must be submitted within 7 days of the incident for the case to be considered by the Rules Committee.

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