Equality Questionnaire to Member Organisations and Stakeholders

this questionnaire is made to find out how equality is achieved at the moment in Culture for All Service activities in relation to our users. By developing our equality plan we want to improve our services for and communication with our users. Your feedback is valuable to us.

The questionnaire is written and produced by Culture for All Service. We use the answers for developing our equality plan (yhdenvertaisuussuunnitelma). Your answers are treated confidentially and you cannot be identified based on your answers.

Answering will take approx. 5-15 minutes. Please answer the multiple choice questions by choosing from the options. Some questions you can answer in your own words. Please click LOAD or "LATAA" when you’re finished. You are also welcome to send feedback on our work directly to christine.langinauer@cultureforall.fi.

Feel free to do the questionnaire right away, or the latest by 7th September 2018. We thank you warmly in advance for your help!

Culture for All Service offers toolkits and information material for promoting accessibility and equality in the cultural field, and organises events such as seminars and discussions. Culture for All Service promotes everyone’s right to culture and advocates for equality and diversity in the cultural field.

Read more about accessibility: http://www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi/accessibility_what_is_accessibility
Read more about diversity: http://www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi/diversity_what-is-diversity
Read more about making an equality plan: http://www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi/accessibility_guides_equality_planning

Do you answer:
In what professional field are you active? (By choosing "other"/"muu" you can add your own answer.)
What kind of questions do you or your organisation deal with? (By choosing "other"/"muu" you can add your own answer.)
Where are you based? (By choosing "other"/"muu" you can add your own answer.)
If you like, you can provide us here with the name of the place, where you are based.
Your answer
How did you hear about Culture for All Service?
Have you cooperated with Culture for All Service?
What was your experience from cooperating with Culture for All Service?
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