Image Quality Survey for WSI
The aim of this survey is to evaluate image quality of a set of WSI digitalized with different scanners from sides prepared at 4 different Hospitals. All the slides were rotated and scanned by all the Hospitals. One open questions for the adoption of WSI into clinical applications is image quality. The main concerns is if WSI can replace conventional light microscopy to render diagnoses. Is the quality of digital image good enough?.

WSI quality should be analysed at different levels, such as focus, color, contrast, resolution, noise and distorted tissue artifacts. Another aspect to be analysed is the effect of the display and monitors. All these issues are taking into account in this survey open to pathologists. The survey will be done at 4 stages. The 1st stage is already published and contains 50 images of breast Her2. The 2nd stage will be Ki67, the 3rd stage will consider other biomarkers such as ER and PR and finally the 4th stage will be with HEO.

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