Want to “Czech” us out at World Cup? Help us get there!
Three and a half years ago, the Czech Republic was just a dull and quidditch-less country. Then, everything changed when one student returned from an Erasmus exchange program in Norway. Now, 2 EQCs and one self-made fantasy tournament later, we are finally making our debut on the biggest stage of international quidditch at the 2018 IQA World Cup in Florence!

Yup, for the very first time, the Czech Republic will be competing at the IQA World Cup! More than 30 teams from across the globe are going to face off in Florence and we can’t wait to be a part of it! But, Czechia is a small country and we need YOUR HELP to make our DREAM COME TRUE! We have some awesome perks prepared in return for your support and those don’t even include our never-ending gratitude …. which you’ll get FOR FREE!!!

All donations will contribute solely towards our World Cup expenses, including player & team fees, accommodation, etc.

We sincerely appreciate all your support and are very thankful for anything you can offer!❤️
Děkujeme Vám! ❤️

Česká asociace famfrpálu - Czech Quidditch Association

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Special team badges
Donation: 2€/50 CZK

Show off your support for the Czech Republic with our cool team badges! Just a tiny contribution can bring you lots of joy.
How many badges would you like?
Sweet Czech Broomsticks
Donation: 3€/ 75 CZK

This traditional Czech sweet, called "Hořické trubičky", is full of cocoa and sugar to boost your energy between matches! And we’re even offering them in two flavors – cocoa or nuts! Can you believe that these tasty sweets originated all the way back in 1812? We for sure don’t think it's a coincidence that they look exactly like broomsticks!
How many cocoa filled sweeet broomsticks would you like?
How many nut filled sweet broomsticks would you like?
Original Czech Quidditch Whistle
Donation: 4€/100 CZK

Get a stylish, personalized Czech team quidditch whistle! 3D-printed with quove by the captain of the Occamy Olomouc quidditch team.
*Note: might not be suitable for official reffing.

How many whistles would you like?
World-famous Czech Beer
Donation: 4€/100 CZK

What else would you expect from the country with the highest consumption of beer per person in the world?! (Yes, it’s true. Beer is actually cheaper than water here :D)

Donate now and we'll hand deliver delicious Czech beer to you at the World Cup! Enjoy watching our matches with a proper beer in your hands or relax after a long and tiring day of playing with a celebratory drink!

Random selection of fantastic Czech local beer cans (such as Pilsen Urquell or Budweiser Budvar - the original Budweiser). A can is 0,5l (~ 17,5 fl. oz).
*Note: 18+ 😉

How many beer cans would you like?
Team Czechia Jersey
Donation: 25€

The ultimate support! Get one of our jerseys and you’ll fit right in when you cheer for us on the sidelines! Show off your Czech pride with one of the coolest jerseys in town.

Jerseys are handled by Utility quidditch, so if you wish to order a jersey, please follow this link: https://www.utilityquidditch.com/product-page/czech-quidditch-kit

For WC participants: We are bringing some extra merch to Florence (except jerseys) so you can buy it right there!  But remember, first come first serve, better to order in advance ;)
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