Show up for Chinatown with CCED
There are so many ways to join the movement! From showing up at direct actions for tenants, organizing tenants, making meals for our elders and tenants, delivering those meals, strategizing against developers and other gentrifying forces, making calls to our shitty elected representatives, there's work to be done for our collective liberation.

Our collective liberation is guided by our desire to dismantle different systems of oppression. Safety for our community means that we are anti-racist and anti-capitalist which necessitates that we are anti-police and anti-BID. We want justice for our communities.

We build grassroots power by developing relationships with community members in Chinatown. In doing so, we support residents to fight off evictions, cash for keys, landlord harassment and more.

Read our Chinatown Call to Action here:
Sidenote: If you are a gentrifier, please consider if an anti-gentrification organization is the right place for you.

Don't forget that you can also support Chinatown community-serving small businesses by patroning them. See our list at

COVID-19 Update -

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our response has expanded to include more direct service. Our mutual aid efforts have consisted of supporting tenants who are more likely to be isolated, vulnerable to getting sick, and have a harder time accessing resources -- this includes our elders, folks with disabilities, and households with caregivers and healthcare workers. We have done this through weekly meal deliveries and care packages.

Update 2/3/2021
After 10 months collaborating as the Chinatown LA Mutual Aid Fund, SEACA and CCED will be reorganizing our joint COVID relief work. Stay updated with SEACA’s work on Facebook @seacala or Instagram or to donate visit Stay involved by following CCED’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @ccedla. To donate visit
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One of our long-time volunteers picking up a care package of masks, soap, and fresh meals to deliver. PC: Sophat Phea
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