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Want to work to bring real political change to America in 2022? An American Union of swing voters is backing the Blueprint for a Better America, a crowdsourced legislative package to end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars. Learn more at

It ends poverty with $1,300/month universal basic income, establishing an economic floor for Americans.
It ends mass incarceration with major police and prison reforms, including ending the federal drug war.
It ends the endless wars by cutting military spending by $825B over four years, cutting our nuclear stockpile in half, closing military bases, and reforming other foreign policies.

When 3.5% of Americans unite behind these goals, we'll control the balance of power in Washington, giving us leverage over Congress. The deal for all incumbents is this: if they put this legislation on the President's desk BEFORE the midterms, they can earn our votes. If they refuse, their major party challengers can earn our block of swing votes. More importantly, we can avoid divisive politics and focus on offering specific solutions to America's problems, and addressing Dr. King's triple evils of poverty, racism, and militarism.

You can read a summary of the 50+ policies in the legislative package at this link: 

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