The following named Permittee is authorized to establish one point of sale or display at Koreshan State Park for October 30, 2021 from 12 - 5pm for *$50, payable in advance (*fee waived for pre-approved performers). Spaces are not confirmed until payment is received! NO REFUNDS. Please have treats to give out to the kids! Costumes are also encouraged. This permit is subject to all park rules, policies and regulations, and terms set forth below.
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*Products, services, treats and/or activities to be provided under this Permit: *
*In the case of arts and crafts, Permittee agrees to provide only arts and crafts of good quality.
1. This permit is used for Koreshan State Park hereinafter referred to as the Park, for Koreshan State Park Trunk or Treat, hereinafter referred to as the Event. The Friends of Koreshan/Koreshan State Park Citizens Support Organization is hereinafter referred to as the CSO.
2. This permit is valid only for Saturday, October 30, 12 - 5pm only. All permittees must be set up by 12pm and can leave no sooner than 5pm.
3. Water and electric are not provided. Participants may bring their own generator.
4. “Hawking,” defined as “Participants who proclaim aloud the availability of their goods on the street” not permitted.
5. The news media can (and do) visit the park from time to time, so please be prepared at all times for news coverage of your booth/display (and you!) to include video/film, photographs and possible interviews.
6. The CSO, Event, Park and Florida Department of Environmental Protection are not responsible for security of the Participant's operations.
7. The Park/CSO will assign Participant spaces. Participant is responsible for their own tent, tables, displays, etc. Participant space is 12’ x 12’. If a Participant needs additional space, arrangements must be made through the Event Coordinator at least seven (7) days prior to each Event.
8. Participant agrees to comply with all policies, rules and laws governing the operation of the Park and Event, and not alter or damage the Park’s natural or cultural resources in any way through the support or operation of Permit activities, and to be responsible to fully repair all damage to Park facilities and resources, which may result from any activities under this permit.
9. Balloons, confetti, glitter, or fire are not permitted within the Park. Tents must be weighed down; tent stakes or anything penetrating the ground are not permitted.
10. The Participant assumes all risk in the operation of its business under this Authorization and shall be solely responsible and answerable for damages and accidents or injuries to persons or party, whether direct or indirect, arising from its operations or by virtue of the carelessness, negligence, or improper conduct of the Participant, its employees, respective officers, representative, or agents. The Participant is strongly advised to obtain adequate insurance to cover such risks. If the Participant is selling prepared food, he/her is required to provide a certificate of liability insurance, naming Friends of Koreshan State Park and Koreshan State Park as additional insureds.
11. The Participant shall save and hold harmless and indemnify the CSO, State of Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of Florida (“Board of Trustees”), and their employees, respective officers, representatives and agents again any and all liability, claims judgments, or costs of whatsoever kind and nature for injury to or death of, any person or persons and for the loss of or damage to any property resulting from the use, service, operation, or performance of work under the terms of this Authorization, resulting from any act, or failure to act, by the Participant, or its employees, respective officers, representatives, or agents to the extent allowed by law. The Participant shall notify the Park Manager within five (5) days of any and all legal actions filed again the Participant related to the Park or that may adversely affect or reflect on the Department and or the Friends of Koreshan State Park.
12. This Permit is not intended nor shall it be construed as granting any rights, privileges, or interests to any third party.
13. Participants are responsible for reporting their own taxes, as applicable. The Participant is required to report any revenue or income to the Florida Department of Revenue for applicable sales tax. To register, visit or download a paper application @
14. The Participant and its employees shall not discriminate, by segregation or otherwise, against any person based on race, color, region, sex, national origin, age or disability in its performance under this Authorization.
15. The Participant shall ensure that all employees or contractors representing the Participant will display a courteous, friendly, and helpful attitude. Participant and employees/contractors shall have a neat and clean appearance. While not mandatory, we would prefer Participant employees/contractors be identified with the Participant’s company uniform/shirt or name tag, unless in costume.
16. The employment of unauthorized aliens by a Participant is considered a violation of Section 274A(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. If the Participant knowingly employees unauthorized aliens, such violation shall be cause for unilateral cancellation of this Authorization by the CSO.
17. The Event Coordinator or their designee will conduct a sexual predator and sexual offender check on the Participant’s Authorization Manager prior to executing this Authorization. No person on either the sexual predator or sexual offender list maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) shall be employed within the Park. The Department has the right to conduct criminal background checks and additional sexual predator and sexual offender checks during the life of this Authorization. The Participant shall perform sexual predator and sexual offender checks on their employees/contractors, prior to the execution of this Authorization, and shall make such records available to the Event Coordinator.
18. The Participant shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in providing services to the Event under this Authorization. The Participant acknowledges that this requirement includes but is not limited to compliance with all applicable federal, state and local health and safety rules and regulations. Prior to the commencement of business under this Authorization, the Participant shall provide copies to Event Coordinator of all local, state, and federal licenses and Authorizations required to operate with the Park, as applicable.
19. The Participant shall be responsible for adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Authorization-related activities conducted in the Park. The Participant shall provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, which includes reasonable accommodations and access to their Event space, program and/or activity that the Participant offers to the public.
20. This Permit may be terminated by the Event Coordinator at any time for failure of the Participant to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions contained within the event guidelines and this permit.
21. The Participant agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of this Authorization by the Participant’s signature below.
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