2018 AIA Scholarship Recommendation
AIA’s scholarship program awards performers on an annual basis for both academic and extracurricular achievements. Scholarship applications are judged on the following criteria: academic excellence, school and community involvement, a letter of recommendation and a personal essay. The AIA scholarship committee with review all applications and select students who stand out in qualities of academic, artistic, and personal achievements.

Applications must meet the following criteria to be considered for a scholarship:

1. The recipient must be in his/her senior year of high school or already attending a college/university.
2. The recipient must show an accumulated unweighted GPA of no less than 3.0.
3. Awards may be used to fund a variety of post ­secondary activities including two and four year colleges and vocational programs.
4. The recipient must be an active marching member of a unit who will compete in the current seasons AIA Circuit Championships.
5. Scholarship(s) granted will be paid after January 1 of the following year.
6. The scholarship will be granted for one year only.
7. The award(s) will be announced during the awards ceremonies at AIA Circuit Championships.

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Please provide a letter of recommendation through the following link. Include in your recommendation examples of the applicants academic excellence, school and community involvement and passion for the performing arts.


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