Back to school 2020
The LSC's mission is to support a thriving, diverse community, and we're working on plans to bring people together in different ways over the next few months. The university is moving to gradually increase on campus activity. But we know that everybody is facing their own unique set of challenges, and we can't make assumptions about the kinds of activities and interactions our community members want.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this survey to help us understand where you are--in terms of geography, life situation, and your comfort coming to campus. We know things are uncertain and conditions may change, so just answer as best you can given what you know now. We welcome as much or as little as you are willing to share. It is helpful if we know who you are, but anonymous responses are also welcome.
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Where are you currently located? *
If you're not in or near College Park, please use the "Other" option to let us know where you are, so we can get a sense of the time zone spread.
How often do you plan to be on campus this fall? *
We know things are uncertain and conditions may change, but please give your best answer given what you know now about current COVID conditions and university precautions.
What will you be visiting campus for? *
Select all that apply.
Would you be interested in attending in-person meetings or events to connect with other language scientists, assuming all participants abide by all university/county safety guidelines? *
What kinds of interactions would you like less or more of, compared to what you're getting now?
Please elaborate in the open-ended question below!
Would like less
Currently satisfied
Would like more
With people in my research group
With students in my home department
With faculty in my home department
With students in other departments at UMD
With faculty in other departments at UMD
With researchers at other universities
Virtual talks/webinars
Zoom meetings with 2-4 people
Zoom meetings with 5-10 people
Zoom meetings with more than 10 people
Asynchronous conversations (e.g. email, Slack)
Purely social Zoom meetings
Social or unstructured outdoor gatherings
Clear selection
Please give us your input.
What do you think language scientists should do to stay connected this fall? What kinds of virtual meetings or events do you find most engaging or helpful? What kinds of meetings or events would be worth attending in person?
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