Long Term Care Facility Survey
We're a group of college students from Georgia Tech and Emory currently working on a project that tackles the issues that long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes, face from all sides, whether it's the residents, the caregivers, or the families of residents. We're hoping to improve communication between these three groups in terms of the physical health, mental health, and needs of the residents. We recently gained funding through Emory and Georgia Tech, here's our landing page to get a better sense of who we are:

We'd like to conduct a brief interview with those who work at long-term care facilities, residents of those facilities, and families who have loved ones in long-term care. We're hoping to gather more information about the problems you face in order to improve our project and we would really appreciate your help.

If you are willing to provide your contact information, we will email you later to confirm your availability during a certain time. Interviews will most likely be 15-20 minutes, and they'll most likely be through video call (zoom/facetime) or phone call, whichever is most convenient for you.
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Mental health is an issue in long-term care facilities.
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