2018 PolitiCorps application
PolitiCorps is a leadership development experience for young people interested in combining hands-on service work with powerful connections to both a local and national network of progressive leaders, presenting its fellows with the opportunities both to make an impact in the short term and to develop a network of contacts for the long term.

PolitiCorps fellows come from all over the country and from all walks of life, and have a diverse spread of interests, but each of them will be challenged to give their absolute best in direct work on the progressive social issues of the present in order to inspire the next wave of innovation for social progressive change.

The fellowship consists of daily hands-on learning from people engaged at all levels of the political process in Oregon (policy makers, activists, elected officials, badass organization leaders, and more!) in the mornings followed by direct engagement with the issues in the afternoons. In years past the fellows have worked on issues such as marriage equality, access to higher education, voter registration, environmental justice, housing affordability, and more. Fellows are eligible for a financial stipend and housing aid. This year the program will run from June 18th to August 24th.

Of course, there is only so much information we can give before it becomes self-righteous. So let's move on to you! That's what we're really here for right? Who are you and why should you join the ranks of over 300 PolitiCorps alums?

Basics: What's your sign? Well, not really. But we do need your basic information
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This in no way hinders your participation in PolitiCorps. If accepted into the program, you will need a computer every day to take notes and conduct research. In summers past, we have been able to provide fellows with a laptop if they do not have access to one
If accepted into the program, what would your summer living situation look like? *
If accepted into PolitiCorps you will receive a stipend based on your living situation. If you are renting in Portland, we will provide a rent stipend. If you do not have family to stay with or if you are not renting, we will find you a host family to stay with.
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If accepted into PolitiCorps you will receive a stipend based on your mode of transportation. Ex: If you drive a car, we provide a gas stipend. If you use public transportation, you will receive a bus stipend. In summers past, we have also been able to provide fellows with bikes
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