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Photos - Each species registered requires at least one side view photo that displays the characteristics of the fish that will aid in positive identification.
Photos are not expected to be of high quality, but MUST be of the fish that you are registering. Photos taken in the past or from the Internet do not identify the fish you are keeping and cannot be accepted for registration.
PLEASE SAVE THE PHOTOS IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT (max size 2 mb): SpeciesName_YourName_MaltaAquaristSociety_SubmissionDate_1of2 or (2of2)

Ex; EtroplusCanarensis_MarkBorg_MaltaAquaristSociety_02112019_1fo2 for photo no1
Ex; EtroplusCanarensis_MarkBorg_MaltaAquaristSociety_02112019_2fo2 for photo no2

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