LINGUATA – Schools of Foreign LanguagesPLACEMENT TEST (Adults)
Put the words in brackets in their correct tense or form .
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Peter sometimes (to visit) his friends in the evening.
She (to speak) French?
After I graduate I (to work) as a translator.
"Where are the children?" " They (to play) football in the garden."
I (to have) a shower every morning.
Elephants are (big) than tigers, but tigers are (dangerous).
I was a (good) student, but my friend was (good) student in our class.
My mum usually (to work) in an office, but today she (to work) at home because of the snow.
Where (to be) you on holiday last year?
Last weekend I (to see) some friends and we had a meal together.
I (to meet) Miss Boyd at ten o’clock tomorrow.
What time you (to get) home last night?
I (to do) my homework when Jane (to arrive).
You ever (to see) a UFO?
My friend (to see) all the Harry Potter films.
I think in the future all homes (to use) green energy.
We (to live) in this city since 2012.
If I (not phone) her now, she (to worry).
We already (to decide) to move house.
I prefer (to go) to work by car.
We (to study) in this school for three years, but my neighbour (to start) learning here three months ago.
A strange thing (to happen) to my friend while he (to travel) by train yesterday.
By the time I (to arrive), everyone (to leave).
Nick (to arrange) to meet with some friends, so he (not can) come with us yesterday.
If you (to want) a relaxing holiday, (not go) to a big city.
f I (to win) a million pounds, I (to buy) an island in the Pacific.
These pills must (to take) twice a day.
She said that she (to be) in a car accident.
Tsunamis (to cause) by earthquakes under the ocean.
She (to write) her autobiography for two years and she hasn’t finished it yet.
Assuming I (to be able to) go wherever I wanted, I (to go) to South America.
Our journey might have been quicker if we (to take) the train.
This time tomorrow I (to fly) to New York.
I wish I (to know) how to save money.
If only the government (not increase) taxes so much last year.
The missing child (not find) yet.
I (not finish) decorating the house by the end of the week.
This company (to build) skyscrapers here since 1995. This year they already (to build) five new apartment blocks.
I used (to give) sweets by my mum if I was good.
Emma (to be) terrified if she (to be) there when the thief broke in.
Look (on, at, to) that picture. Isn’t it beautiful?
Are you good (on, at, for) tennis?
He (is, was, be) born in 1982.
But I can’t see (many, much, no) bread.
Monday is (one, first, the first) day of the week.
What was the hotel (for, like, on)?
(As soon as, If, Until) I win a lot of money, I’ll buy you a Ferrari.
We have had English lessons (from, since, for) March.
She can sing very (good, better, well).
Where did you (find, get, have) your degree?
My brother works (for, with, in) an airline.
I went to an exhibition (on, in, last) weekend.
We went out (yesterday, last, in) morning
I’ve got my camera because I’d like to (make, take, have) some photos at the party.
Can you help me look (after, for, at) my car keys?
That blue jacket is (my, mine, me).
She’s had that watch (for, since, when) she was ten.
I’ll travel round the world (after, before, until) I retire because I’ll have more time then.
That’s the doctor (who, which, where) helped my aunt.
The World Cup was won (in, by, of) Spain.
Dave is bored (for, about, with) his new course.
The children are still (fast, wide, quite) awake.
You’re working too hard. You (should, are able, ought to) have a holiday.
She’s had four different jobs (for, since, when) she left school.
George, can you (do, make, give) me a favour?
My parents always encouraged me (follow, to follow, following) my dreams.
If you try hard, you’ll achieve your (results, goals, dreams).
People (should teach, should be taught, teach) how to save energy at home.
That’s the café (where, when, which) we first met.
Emma threatened (to tell, to say, telling) his parents.
When Adela was younger, she (would have, have, used to have) a pet rabbit.
Wait a minute, I (will carry, am carrying, am going to carry) that suitcase upstairs for you.
(Narrow-minded, Big-headed, Open-minded) people don’t want to accept new ideas or opinions different from their own.
There is (no, none, not) milk in the fridge.
I have two sisters and (each, both of, either of) them work as doctors.
I’m used to (take, taking, took) the bus every day.
Could you pass this message (for, up, on) to your classmates.
I gave him a drink of water, (that, which, what) he drank thirstily.
"I can’t sing very well." “(Neither can’t I. Neither I can. Neither can I)”
I usually visit my family _____________ the weekend.
The dress was _____________ expensive, so I didn’t buy it.
Did you ______________ a good time in Sydney?
My cousin _____________ married two weeks ago.
When did you last ____________ a table at the restaurant?
A ______________ person likes giving people money or presents.
I ______________ the internet every day.
My favourite _______________ at school are History and Geography.
I try to lead a _____________ lifestyle – lots of exercise, fruit and no junk food.
My friends ______________ running six times a week.
I’m bored. Let’s ______________ cards.
Global warming _______________ climate change.
We should all try to _______________ the environment.
Your father’s brother is your ________________.
People who always do the things they promise are _______________.
I must _____________ on time for the lesson tomorrow.
My aunt ______________ to make bread every day, but now she buys it.
Did you hear about the bank _____________?
You should avoid _______________ on your own in that area at night.
You ________________ send personal emails from the office. You can only send work emails.
I’m usually ______________ exhausted at the end of the week.
When I flew to Australia, my parents came to the airport to see me _______________.
My sister lives in a _____________ house in a very friendly ___________________.
This house is ______________ nicer than the one we saw yesterday.
My father likes to repair his car _______________.
Are you _____________ it was him?
You needn’t worry about the operation. It’s completely ______________.
In a _____________ job you earn a lot of money.
I’d like to keep in _______________ with all my school friends.
My parents live in the _____________ of nowhere. It takes an hour to drive to the nearest shop.
I like watching award ceremonies ____________ as Oscars.
These instructions don’t make any ______________.
You made a very good ____________ at the meeting.
I found that book absolutely ______________. I just couldn’t put it down.
He ______________ the directions and ended up getting lost.
Painting these windows is very _____________. It will take me all weekend.
We decided to go on a trip _____________ it was terribly expensive.
The man who was seriously ___________ in the accident was taken to hospital.
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