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You're invited to join your neighbors and supporters to knock on doors & make calls for Christine Pellegrino! We'll provide you with a script, a list of voters that you'll be talking to, and a map of where to go. We'll also train you to use your time effectively out in the field. You'll be able to talk with your neighbors about issues that effect us all here on Long Island such as funding for our schools and supporting the Opt-Out Movement, addressing the heroin epidemic, pollution of our drinking water supply, strengthening our infrastructure to prevent another Sandy level crisis, and finally tackling the political corruption. Our victory starts with us knocking on doors together. Canvass and phone-banking opportunities taking place at our new campaign office at 707 Broadway, Massapequa, 11758. The office is open from 10:00-8:30pm daily. Please contact 516-654-9990 for more information.
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