Touring cycling as the form of active tourism in The Kingdom of Thailand
My name is Natalia. I am studying at The University of Economics in Wroclaw (Poland) and I am doing a masters degree in Tourism. I am currently researching “Touring cycling as the form of active tourism in The Kingdom of Thailand”.

This questionnaire is for all the people who just like me have been traveling through Thailand and the surrounding countries on the bicycle. That I can gather information to find out the experiences people have had in Thailand.

Please if you could be so kind to fill out this questionnaire that I have made I would be very grateful.
What are your interests? Why have you chosen Thailand as your tour destination? *
Is there a particular area of Thailand have you visited? Please check all that apply. *
How long have you been traveling through Thailand? *
Have you been to Thailand before? *
How safe did you feel cycling trough Thailand? *
Not at all safe
Extremely safe
Have you had a cycling accident in Thailand? If yes, please give a brief description.
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Did you have any problems during your cycling journey in Thailand? Please check all that apply. *
Were you traveling alone or with a partner/group? *
Are you planning to visit Thailand once again? Yes/No - Why?
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What is your way of traveling? What is more important, comfort, or cost? *
Which of the following types accommodation have you stayed the most? Please check all that apply. *
Would you prefer simple, clean inexpensive accommodations and meals (1-3 stars), or more up-scale facilities (4-5 stars) where available? *
During cycling journey.... *
How much money did you spend every day of your trip? *
What do you spend most of your money on? *
Have you visited any other countries in South-East Asia? If yes, what countries have you visited? *
Please put the countries in order of road quality/conditions of the roads you have been traveling through *
I have not visited
Not at all good
Quite good
Extremely good
Myanmar (Burma)
East Timor
Did you have any cycle touring experience before you visited Thailand on a bike? If yes, please briefly describe. *
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What is your cycling style? *
How would you describe your cycling routine during the journey? Approximately How many kilometers/miles have you ridden daily? *
In your own words please describe what makes Thailand good country to travel. (Hospitality, conditions of road, different culture, exotic cuisine etc.)
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Additional information / Adventures / Everything you would like to share
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I am *
My marital status is... *
How old are you? *
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Where are you from? *
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