Authority to Purchase: School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
The purchase of goods and/or services by a board of education is governed by state statutes, administrative code and board policy. New Jersey State Law 18A:18A-2(b) assigns the legal authority to the Purchasing Agent (School Business Administrator) to make purchases for the board of education.

The Purchasing Agent is the only individual in the school district that has the authority to make purchases for the board of education.

Authorized Purchases
All requests for purchases of goods and/or services must be made through an approved purchase order signed by the Purchasing Agent, prior to the goods or services to be received.

Purchase Order
A purchase order, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-2 (v), is a document issued by the Purchasing Agent authorizing goods or materials to be ordered for the school district or work/service to begin. No goods or materials may be ordered or work/service be authorized to begin by any other individual in the school district other than the Purchasing Agent.

Unauthorized Purchases
Any school district employee who orders and/or receives any materials, supplies or services without first going through the approved purchase order process has made an unauthorized purchase.

Unauthorized purchases are a violation of State Law and Board Policy.

Penalties listed below may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools for unauthorized purchases:

Penalties for Unauthorized Purchases

· First Offense Letter in Personnel File
· Second Offense Suspension
· Third Offense Loss of Increment
· Fourth Offense Loss of Employment Tenure Charges

Atilla Sabahoglu, MBA, BSME
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

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