Student SEL Survey
This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers, just be honest. Your answers will help the adults in school work with kids.
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3. I can wait in line patiently *
4. I sit still when I'm supposed to *
5. I can wait for my turn to talk in class *
6. I can easily calm down when excited *
7. I calm down quickly when I get upset *
8. I can do even the hardest homework if I try *
9. I can learn the things taught in school *
10. I can figure out difficult homework *
11. I can ask for help *
12. If I solve a problem wrong the first time, I just keep trying until I get it right *
13. When I do badly on a test, I work harder the next time *
14. I always work hard to complete my school work *
15. I do my school work because I like to learn new things *
16. I do my school work because I'm interested in it *
17. I do my schoolwork because I enjoy it *
18. I am a "good sport" (play well with others) at recess. *
19. I can control my emotions when I lose during recess. *
20. I help others have (positive) fun during recess. *
21. Other things you'd like me to know about you *
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