I know the value of having an authentic strategy circle to empower and push your thinking. I'm inviting WOMEN WHO ARE SERIOUS about using the next 5-6 weeks to grow personally or professionally . No gimmicks or tricks, each session will focus on real challenges and tools to overcome them. I have a tried and true meeting format that will maximize our time together. You will need to commit to a few things before you say yes:

*Attending weekly virtual strategy circle meetings (60 min.)
* Order your copy of the Bizperation Journal that we will use during each session -
*Come prepared to participate in each session (observers this isn't the group for you)
*Paying the $150 registration fee ($30 per week) - I know it’s a steal- You are worth the investment.
* Affiliate rewards for inviting new members to the group.

Are you in? We begin the next group August 3 & 4 , 2020.
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