Help make your community Hunger Free!
Zomato Feeding India's, Happy Fridge is a community fridge installed by responsible groups of people to donate nutritious food and fresh fruits to those in need. Residents and citizens with fresh food and fruits can put in this fridge, and people who need food can take from the fridge.

At the request of responsible residents, Zomato Feeding India installs these fridges free of cost! Anyone can request to set up a Happy Fridge in their community.

Once the fridge is set up the initiator (person who requested the fridge) owns the responsibility of encouraging and engaging local residents to leave healthy consumable food in allotted slots. All one need is an electricity point and a safe location.

You can enter your own details or even refer someone else's details. eg. the Colony President's contact. Once you fill out the form, someone from our team will contact you to get the process started.

#ZeroHunger #IAmFeedingIndia #BeAHungerHero
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