2020 NAPC Call for Abstracts
Please use this form to propose an oral presentation or a poster presentation you'd like to offer for the 2020 North American Prairie Conference.

Proposal deadline is April 15, 2020. The Program Committee with begin reviewing proposals as they are submitted; please consider submitting your proposal as early as possible.

We are seeking presenters from all backgrounds. We anticipate proposals from students, professors and conservation professionals. We also want to hear from landowners, prairie enthusiasts, etc.

Those chosen for oral presentation should prepare to speak for 10-15 minutes and answer questions for 5-10 minutes. Total presentation time cannot exceed 20 minutes, as three presentations will be shared every hour during concurrent sessions. Please avoid overly technical language; speak so as to be understood by an audience with diverse backgrounds.

Those chosen for poster presentation will need to set up their posters on Monday, and be present for the poster session Monday, July 20 from 6:30-9 p.m. Details on poster dimensions will be sent to those submitting proposals.

Information provided in the form below will be used on the conference website to describe presentations for concurrent sessions. Attachments such as resumes or curriculum vitae are not needed. PLEASE respect word limit requirements.
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