PRESENCE POWER POSSIBILITY: Let go of what holds you back and make your bigger impact in your career, life or business.
Thank you for your interest in PPP! This is a short questionnaire for those interested in joining this three month Transformational Coaching programme.

The intention in the following questions is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your aspirations, identity and leadership through a new lens.

I see repeatedly that the people who get the most out of Transformational Coaching are willing to open up and be seen as themselves, instead of how they think they should be seen. So we invite you to start in that spirit here, with this application.

If you have any questions or comments, email

You'll be contacted shortly after you send your answers.

Speak soon.
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In 30 years’ time, you look back and you’re proud of how you came through the current challenges, what does your older self say to your current self? *
What's your current situation in your career or business (e.g. firefighting in a busy job; trying to shift to online/remote work; taking on more leadership; changing career; setting up a business)? *
Which of the following traits do you think holds you back the most from creating what you want in your career and life? *
Please, explain why you made the choice you did in the question above. *
Which trait do you wish to embrace more of to create your highest future and ability to lead? *
Please, explain why you made the choice you did in the question above. *
How much self-reflection do you do? (this may include things like journalling, mindfulness, meditation, counselling/therapy, reading on personal development and psychology, attending workshops, etc). *
If you picked one area of focus (or a project) in your career, business or wider purpose that you'd like to bring life to or re-energise over your 3 months in the group what would it be? *
Write 1-5 smaller goals related to this below *
We aim to maximise the power of the group in crowd-sourcing wisdom, experience and support. What would you bring to the group? *
How committed are you right now to embracing your true power and creating your best future? (out of 10 with 0 being not committed and 10 being 100% committed) *
Anything else we need to know? *
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