2020 ATX SciOly Coaches' Clinic RSVP
Please fill out a separate form for each individual planning to attend. We are asking for RSVPs so we can structure the day according to how many people are planning on coming, and to gather a list of people to send the Zoom meeting link(s) to. If something changes and you are no longer able to attend after filling out this form, no worries! Just shoot us an email at atxscioly@gmail.com so we can maintain an accurate projection of how many people are going to attend.
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School Affiliation *
SciOly Division *
What types of workshops are you most interested in seeing at the Clinic? *
Regardless of which workshops we run, we will certainly include time for informal networking.
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Somewhat interested
Very interested
Adapting to COVID-19 (this would be more of a moderated discussion than a workshop)
"Masterclasses" on a specific event, taught by a former competitor
How to prepare for larger event categories (such as "Study Events" or "Balsa Build Events")
Resource procurement (textbooks, balsa wood, software, etc.)
Team culture and dynamics (accountability, motivation, internal competitiveness, and having fun!!)
Team structure and logistics (team selection, parent involvement, student leadership)
[Optional] Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Such as a workshop that isn't listed above that you think we should run, or if you only are available to attend a certain part of the clinic, etc.
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