Dining In Day Grant Application
The purpose of the Virginia Association of Family Consumer Sciences (VAFCS) mini-grant
initiative is to reward VAFCS members by funding their creative and innovative community or
educational projects. VAFCS supports the work of Family and Consumer Sciences
professionals by supporting the dissemination of information about the well-being of families.
Mini-grant projects should enrich a Family and Consumer Sciences educational opportunity for
students, consumers, or community leaders and/or provide a unique opportunity for business
involvement in FCS activities.

Grants may vary in amount, depending on the nature of the project, with each project grant limited to
a maximum of $500.00. VAFCS/AAFCS members may submit more than one grant application, but
each application must reflect a different project.

Any active VAFCS member is eligible to apply for a mini-grant.

 Mini-grant projects should show creativity and innovation and directly involve
students, consumers, and/or community members.
 VAFCS encourages education/community and business partnerships.
 Grants may be used to compensate experts who come to work with
student/community; paid experts are not considered business partners.

 Grant recipients must be a current AAFCS member.
 Grant recipients or a designated alternate must attend the VAFCS annual conference to
receive recognition.
 Upon completion of the project, photographs and an article about the project must be
provided for use on the VAFCS website, newsletter and social media platforms.
 To obtain the funds, grant recipients must submit a copy of receipts of expenses with a
VAFCS voucher.

Grant applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the VAFCS Grant Committee. To ensure
impartiality, the Committee will not see the name of the applicant(s). The persons evaluating the
grants may not be familiar with educational jargon or terminology. Therefore, briefly explain
educational terms used in your application to help grant readers understand the purpose of the
program or target population.

 Clearly stated goals/purpose
 Reasonableness of budget
 Reasonableness of project within the expected time frame
 Potential of the project for disseminating information about FCS and well-being of families
 Indication of project need within the community
Email address *
All applications must be received by Friday, November 1st.
Applications will be reviewed and the winner will be notified no later than November 8th.
Applicant Information
Applicant/Coordinator Name *
If a team of FCS professionals is applying, please designate a coordinator who will be responsible for all reports and the completion of the following form.
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AAFCS Membership Number *
List the other team member's names, addresses, and membership numbers below (if applicable).
All sections below must be completed in order to be considered.
Project Description
Project Title *
Grant Request Amount (must match total budgeted amount below) *
How many students or community persons will be involved? Give specific number: Grade level(s) of students involved (If none, put “N/A”): *
In order to ensure impartiality, do not use your name or business in your project description.
Provide a brief overall description of the project to be used for publication purposes. Description must be understandable to lay person. (200 words or less) *
Why is this project needed? *
What will you do to address this need? Please note: We are looking for creative, innovative and collaborative projects. *
Identify business/community partnership *
Explain the involvement. *
Project Budget
Provide your budget below. Remember this must match the requested amount given above. *
Will you have any matching money available to you? *
Expected Outcomes
Write a brief description of how the proposed project will facilitate the goals of AAFCS/VAFCS. How will you evaluate the success of your project? Please be specific with measurable goals. *
Community Awareness
How will you bring community awareness to your project? *
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