Manchester Marvels Volleyball Junior Membership Form
This is the PARENT / GUARDIAN form. You will need to fill in one of these for every child.

As a member of Manchester Marvels Volleyball your child gets:
- Access to training sessions and fixtures
- Use of club equipment
- National league expenses if selected for National League matches
- Reduced price club events (Festival 2020, Marvels Awards, Colours Cup, Christmas Party)

Membership will cost you £16 a month, payable by Direct Debit (if you already have one set up, it will continue).
Parents Information
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Contact consent *
I give permission for the club to contact me about membership, club and team activities/news. (Your contact details will not be shared)
Child's Details
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Photography consent *
During matches and training video and photographs may be taken. These will only be used as training aids and for marketing purposes ie flyers.
Adult Environment Consent
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Code of conduct
Manchester Marvels Volleyball is committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through volleyball, focusing on responsibility and accountability.
Everyone involved in the sport of volleyball is responsible for his or her own behavior whether on the court, the bench or as a parent.
Parent Code of Conduct
Athletes code of conduct
We will be using a 3 strike policy. If you break club code of conduct you will receive a strike. 3 strikes and you will loose your membership.

As an athlete, I:
- Will take care of my body and fitness.
- Will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs, tobacco and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all sports events.
- Will volunteer within the club and pay my fee's in a timely manner.
- Will use positive verbal and physical behavior, controlling my temper and aggression towards my opponents, teammates, coaches, officials, spectators and tournament personnel.
- Will treat all those involved in the match with dignity and respect.
- Will treat others as I wish to be treated.
- Will respect the property of others
- Will play for my club and team mates, not just for myself.
- Will help to raise funds through club events (Festival, Marvels Awards, Colours Cup, Christmas Party).
Code of conduct confirmation *
I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Athletes Code of Conduct.
3 Strike confirmation *
I confirm that I understand the 3 strike policy
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