2020-21 ELCHS AVID Application
This application is for ALL students interested in applying for the AVID elective regardless of AVID experience or grade level.
Last Name: *
First Name: *
Student ID# *
Grade Level applying for (2020-21 school year). This is the grade level you will be in next school year. *
Current GPA as of Semester 1 Report Card. *
Mailing Address: *
Student's Email Address (@students.leeschools.net); if not currently a Lee County School District student, give personal email. *
Middle School Attended (or currently enrolled if applying for 9th grade AVID1): *
Parent/Guardian's Name (first & last name): *
Parent/Guardian's Phone number (555-555-5555 format) *
Parent/guardian's Email Address:
Parent/Guardian's Best Contact (type the email or phone number, or both) *
As an AVID student you are expected to (must agree to all expectations) **Note: good citizenship includes no referrals, ISS, and/or OSS. Receiving any referral may result in AVID probation or exiting the ELCHS AVID program. *MUST CHECK each box *
I understand my enrollment in AVID is contingent upon maintaining the required minimum GPA by the end of each school year. *
Statement of Parental/Guardian Participation
I understand that my parental participation is an expectation and is an essential part of my child's success in the AVID program. I promise to give support to to my child and their dedication to their academic goal of going to college.
One Parent/Guardian must enter their full name to serve as their acknowledge of the "Statement of Parental/Guardian Participation" expectation. *
Years of AVID completed (include middle school and current year). For example, if you are in 8th grade and this is your first year, then check 1 year. *
I am currently enrolled in the AVID Elective class right now. *
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