Dynastar Mt Dobson Mackenzie Ski Race Day 2019
Entry form for the 2019 event held at Mt Dobson on the 2nd of September. Any further queries please phone Fairlie Primary School or email reception@fairlie.school.nz One entry per child please.


This event is being run by the Fairlie Primary School Home and School Committee to:
provide an opportunity for Primary School children in the area to have a go at ski racing.
finish the successful Fairlie Primary School’s Winter Ski Option by providing skiing at the next level.

Monday 2 September 2019 (weather contingency date of Tuesday 3 September)
Team Managers will be contacted by text message of any postponement.

Venue and Time
Mt Dobson Ski Area, 1274 Fairlie-Tekapo Highway.
9-9.30am for registrations and 9.30am warm-up and 10am course inspections.

Race Divisions
Boys/Girls - Years 1-2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Fairlie Primary School Office 03 685 8504 or email reception@fairlie.school.nz
Mt Dobson Ski Area – Mike Smith 027 508 8950

Event Format
Giant Slalom – two timed runs, best run counts. To compete in Giant Slalom, athletes need to be competent on the Pommer (at least high Level 2 ability).

Event Fees
Entry Fee $20 per competitor. For athletes requiring a lift pass, these will be issued via Fairlie Primary School at $15 each which will be given to you at the registration desk. Teachers and parent helpers wishing to ski can purchase lift passes for $30 at Mt Dobson Ski Area on the day. Entry fee is 50% refundable if notified by Monday the 26th of August. Later scratchings are non-refundable. The event will not run if there is not a minimum total of 40 entries.

Entry Form
Entries are only accepted on the Dynastar Mt Dobson Mackenzie Ski Race 2019 online form, one entry per child and lift pass and entry are to be paid prior to the day of the race to FPS Home & School Bank A/c No 03 1718 0002042 00. Entries close at 5.00 pm on Monday 26th of August 2019.

Each school is to notify Fairlie Primary School of its Team Manager and their mobile phone number. Schools need to have their RAMS form sent in to Fairlie Primary School reception@fairlie.school.nz, signed by their school Principal. Team Managers are to manage and encourage the students, this includes awareness of any medical conditions of team members. Please sign in your team and confirm registrations at the registration area on arrival between 9-9.30 am. Competition bibs will be issued, please return these collectively from your team at the end of the day.

The wearing of helmets is compulsory. A cycle helmet is not considered suitable. Mt Dobson Ski Area has approximately 25 helmets on the mountain to hire - $5 for competitors.

You will not be allowed to race if you do not have a helmet.

Course Inspections
Please meet at the top of the course at 10am for a course inspection - the competitor will study the course by slowly skiing beside the course guided by an instructor. Competitors should be accompanied by a team or race official if possible. There will not be a course inspection for the second run. Skiers seen skiing through or practicing turns parallel to the gates will be disqualified immediately.

Do not ski through the finish gate during course inspection rather ski out through the side of the course !

Race Procedure
Racer must report to the Start Marshal 10 minutes before allocated start time. Pushing off from start post or other aids is forbidden. The racer must start with only the aid of poles. 10 seconds before the start, the starter will give each racer a warning “10 seconds”. After a 5 second pause, the Starter counts down to GO.

Passage Through Gates:
If a competitor misses a gate and is aware of this, he/she no longer has a right to pass through further gates. A racer has correctly negotiated a gate if he/she has passed each gate in the correct colour sequence. On the ski course, the competitor must pass between the inside poles of the double gates. If a competitor straddles or misses a gate he/she may go back and pass through the inside pole. A gatekeeper may only respond to a competitor GO or GO BACK. An official may not assist a competitor in anyway, nor can any other person. A gate has been passed correctly when both competitors’ feet have passed across the gate line.

A disqualification will occur if a competitor uses coarse language during a race; if a skier does not complete the run and if a skier who does not turn up for the start of the first or second run, may be disqualified at the discretion of the Race Director.

1.30pm Certificates/prizes will be presented on the mountain after the event (if wet or weather is deteriorating, they will be presented at school). There will be something for everyone so make sure you stay for the prizegiving.

Chains are to be carried by ALL vehicles and fitted where specified by the ski field operator.

Mt Dobson
Code of Conduct
Stay in control at all times.
Know your ability, start easy, be able to stop and avoid other people.
People below you have the right of way.
The skier or boarder downhill of you has the right of way, also look above before entering a hill.
Obey all ski area signage.
Signs are there for your safety, keep out of closed areas.
Look before you leap.
Scope jumps first, ensure the area is clear of others, use a spotter on blind jumps.
Stop where you can be seen.
When stopping, try to move to the side of the trail and where you can be seen from above.
Don’t lose what you use.
Equipment must be secured while walking.
Stay on scene.
If you are involved in, or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to Ski Patrol.
Respect gets respect.
From the lift line to the slopes and through the park.

Mt Dobson
The “Foote Rest” Café has available hot and cold drinks and food, including the famous “Fairlie Bakehouse Pies”. Eftpos and credit cards are accepted.

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DISCLAIMER AND INDEMNITY WAIVER - If you are registering to compete and take part in the Dynastar Mackenzie Ski Race 2019 at Mt Dobson Ski Area, you must confirm that: You are of legal consenting adult age, in the country within which the event is being held, or you have parental or guardian consent.You are free of any physical, mental or emotional disability and physically fit in every way to be able to participate in this event.Your participation in this event is competitive and like all sports has a risk of physical injury and you fully accept responsibility for all such risks as a condition of participation.You understand and accept that Mt Dobson Ski Area and the organisers/owners do not accept any liability of any sort for bodily injury, illness or death sustained to or by you, or loss of damage to any of your possessions or goods (eg sports equipment, money, vehicles, jewellery, clothing, cameras, etc) whatsoever and howsoever their loss or damage is caused.You consent to the recording of your voice, image and likeness captured by any means (including cameras/telephones/mobile devices) while present in at or about the event, the transmission of these images/voices in perpetuity by the organiser free of charge, by any means and waives all moral and legal rights in and to any recordings of sound made or images taken during the event.The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event in whole or in part without notice, for any reason. In such cases a refund or partial refund may be given at the organiser’s discretion, but is not guaranteed.You have read and understand the Terms of Services, Privacy Policy and Returns and Refunds Policy (as updated from time to time).By checking the Event Waiver declaration box on the event entry form, I am indicating that I understand and agree to the above conditions. I hereby agree to indemnify Mt Dobson Ski Area and the event organisers for any and all the claims, loss and expenses of any sort arising by reason of the Terms of Service and of my breach of the above conditions, unauthorised acts or otherwise. Any breach of these conditions or failure by me to obey the lawful directions of Mt Dobson Ski Area or the event organisers hereby entitles Mt Dobson Ski Area or the event organisers to terminate my participation in the event forthwith without any refund of fees or any compensation of any sort and to disqualify me automatically. *
I have made a deposit of $20 for my entry fee (plus a $15 lift pass if I needed it) into the bank account of: Fairlie Primary Home and School, acct number 03 1718 000 2042 00 with my child's name and school as the reference. Thank you for supporting this fundraising event. *
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