TAMA Mahila Sambaralu Cultural Registration
TAMA is welcoming applications for TAMA Mahila sambaralu from all Telugu women.
Applicants must be women above 20.

Moodu taraala muddugummalu:
Guidelines :
Online submission: Pics of 3 generations
First two generations should be present to receive the family gift(own Grandma(ammama or nayanamma))
Add one or two appropriate sentences for the pic
Judging Rules: Grandma and daughter/daughter-in-law must be present at the venue.
All three faces must be visible clearly.
Based on photography rules and by the appropriate sentence
Most funny or more realistic will get the prize
Please email the entries to cultural@tama.org
Deadline to submit Sep 11th 2017.

Performance Guidelines:

Participants group of 5 or less will be given a duration of max 5 mins. Participants group more than 5 will be given 8 mins max

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