Participant Form for "Diversity in Europe : Richness or ?"
Title: "Diversity in Europe : Richness or ?"
Type of Event: Erasmus+ YiA KA1 Training Course
Dates: February, 10-17 February 2017
Location: Elazığ,Turkey
Participants : 26 Participants ( 2 participants per Country )
For Whom: Youthworkers who are interested on Diversity Topic from Czech Republic,Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia,Estonia,Slovak Republic, United Kingdom and Turkey.
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- Booking the tickets and sending the information to the Organization Team,
- Participate the whole training ( from evening 10th February till the breakfast 17th of February )
- that in case of not full presence at the training, there will be no reimbursement of the travel expenses
- to provide all original receipts, boarding passes etc. for the reimbursement
- the photos & videos taken during the training can be used and published publicly in social media, local and national media channels, youth platforms and publications about the training.
Are you agree that on the regulations indicated on above ?
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