Nomination for the Debbie Award 2021
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The Debbie Middle Level Leadership Award:
"This award is for middle level students who work behind the scenes to promote involvement in school activities and community service programs. These dedicated students deserve, but sometimes don't receive recognition for their contributions. The hard workers who won't run for office, but are committed to providing leadership opportunities for all students.

We wouldn't have a middle level organization, six state officers and a stand alone middle level state conference without leadership, support, and commitment from Debbie. She continually encouraged the organization to support a separate program for middle level students. Just like the students we want to honor with this award, Debbie would never expect to be recognized for her hard work to achieve this accomplishment."

Please take time and consideration with your nomination. We are excited to recognize the behind the scenes students. If your nominatee is chosen we will email you to check that their name, grade, and school are correct. If you nominate your student please be checking your email two to three weeks before the conference for our email. If you or your student do not attend the spring conference to receive the award, it is alright and your student will still be considered. If you have any further questions feel free to email us via this email, or the middle level instagram page (@ndmlsc) we will be checking both frequently.Thank you for reaching out and nominating your student, we look forward to seeing the responses!
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