I ❤ Gacha Event .:Designer Application:.
Hello, dear Designers!
We would like to invite you to participate in a I LOVE GACHA sales event!

This is a bi-weekly Gacha Sales Event meant to bring more traffic to your Mainstore, as well as offer your existing customers high quality products for an affordable price.

Your customers will be able to play gacha for the fixed price (25L$) at your Mainstore location.
The I love Gacha Event is held for two days: from Friday 6 AM SLT to Saturday 11.59 PM SLT.

Information, requirements and the Terms:

❤ All participating Designers need to set up a gacha of their choice at a fixed price of 25L$ per play. The gacha can be new/exclusive, or a past release discounted for the duration of the event. The gacha can’t be chosen for the Event if the price was already 25L$ per play.

❤ There are ONLY 25 designer spots each round.

❤ All Designers must have an inworld located Mainstore.

❤ All Designers need to have a space for a Staff group and add themselves to the staff Subscriber list.
(You’ll find the Staff subscriber in your Designer Kit with name I love Gacha SUBSCRIBE STAFF ONLY)

❤ Each round 1 designer makes a gift for the event group.

❤ All Designers need to agree to participate in the Event at least once in a two months.

❤ All Designers must have the "I love Gacha Event SUBSCRIBER" kiosk placed in your events area.

❤ The participation fee is 1000L$ for a single week participation, and is paid in a Payment room.

Media partners:
ANDORE brand group (over 2500 members)

Media-SL: http://media-sl.com/

Best Regards,
«I love Gacha» Team:

Artem Zgursky (rcovar) - Owner
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