Study on the communication of McDonald

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a student in a business school and through my research paper, I conduct a study on the communication of companies like McDonald.

As a client or former client of McDonald, I invite you to respond to this questionnaire. You only need a few minutes, which will be very useful to complete my project.

Clarification, my memory is not related to any particular brand. In fact I realize other studies on other brands (so I'm not working for any brand). Responses are anonymous and kept confidential.

Thank you in advance for your participation.
    This is a required question
    This is a required question
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    I was very attached to the brand.
    I shared the same interests.
    The brand played an important role in my daily life.
    The brand satisfied my expectations.
    The brand gave me enjoyment and pleasure.
    I always returned towards this brand.
    If needed to be, I preferred to make some small sacrifices to continue to use the products of this brand.
    I used to praise and to defend this brand.
    I think enjoying this brand for a long time.
    It would be very difficult for me to switch brands.
    The products of the brand always bring me security.
    I trust the quality of the products of this brand.
    Buying products of this brand, it is a guarantee.
    This brand is sincere with consumers.
    This brand respects its commitments / promises towards customers
    This brand shows interest towards its customers
    I think that this brand renews its products by taking into account the expectations of the consumers
    I think that this brand tries constantly to improve its answers to the needs of the consumers
    The brand makes the interests of the customer before its own interests
    You still buy products of this brand?
    You recommend this brand to a friend?
    You incite your friends and\or your close relations to buy this brand?
    You understand and accept that the company can be responsible for carelessness.
    The recognition of the responsibility of an incident of the brand does not make you lose trust in the brand.
    The responsibility of a fortuitous act of the brand does not make you suspicious.
    You accept that the brand is responsible for an incident as long as it repairs the damage it has caused.
    Press articles indicate the performance of the brand.
    The reports on the brand reassure you.
    Chronicles tempt you to buy products and services of the brand.
    The media advance the honesty of the brand.
    The comments that you write on the brand reflect your attachment.
    Comments left on the brand recommend you this brand.
    The testimonies on the brand indicate that it is appreciated.
    You are an ambassador of the brand on the social media.
    Please enter one response per row