Custom Cutting a Diamond
In this form we're going to collect the necessary information we need to know to cut you your perfect diamond.
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Cutting from Rough
Based on your selection we will need to cut your diamond from rough ... ie raw material from the ground. As purchasing rough isn't an exact science but rather based on estimates and the experience of the buyers (which we've been doing now for over 2 decades) we do require a measure of flexibility with regards to the quality you are seeking. Answering the questions below will help us serve you to the best capacity.
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If you are requesting a diamond that can come in a rectangular or square shape, which ratio do you prefer?
Are you ok with blue fluorescence as long as it doesn't impact the transparency? GIA has determined that less than 1% of diamonds with fluorescence are impacted negatively. If you answer yes it helps us find more options faster for you. *
Is this a project you are ready to begin now or in the future?
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Are there any other details you'd like us to know about your future diamond before we begin this project together?
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