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Welcome! The Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 1991. Our mission is to inform and educate residents and revitalize our neighborhood. We believe that in order to keep our housing values high and our neighborhood as an attractive place to live, our neighborhood and surrounding community have to be warm, inviting, and full of fun activities. Are there problems in the neighborhood---yep! There are problems in every neighborhood! We have had many successes over the years working to resolve issues around crime and safety, housing, environment and others that help protect and promote our neighborhood.

We're just a group of volunteers from the neighborhood that get together once a month, work on having some fun with our annual events like the Shingle Creek Clean-up, Tour de Camden and others. We keep residents informed with more than just sound bites. We work on issues like improving housing values, crime and safety problems, and promoting local schools and parks and our community. Thanks for signing up today to stay connected to important news, events, community calendar, city and state news that effect our community.

Rest assured we don't sell our email lists or information. Community Connections is intended to be an informative and valuable resource elist for Shingle Creek residents. Thanks for signing up!
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