ARC FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy

Thank you for your interest in ARC’s FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy!

As the Online Education Initiative (OEI) expands throughout the state, the demand for in-depth course reviews and collaborative remediation ensuring quality online courses in the OEI Exchange has become substantial. In response, ARC's Instructional Technology Center has re-imagined our OEI Rubric Academy to serve as the heart of our local Peer Online Course Review process--taking on the role of working with faculty as they align their courses with the OEI Course Design Rubric. After a course has completed our local process, it will be sent forward for the OEI to provide a final review of what should by then be a stellar course!

This ARC Academy is designed to guide you through the OEI Course Design Rubric step-by-step, creating exemplary online learning opportunities for students by aligning your online course(s) to the Rubric, and ultimately receiving the OEI's quality course design badge.

We acknowledge that aligning your course to the rubric will require time and effort. As such, we have designed a process to actively guide you through each step; when you are ready or in need, we are here to support you with individualized attention and action plans.

Please consider the following questions thoughtfully and honestly. When you are ready, submit this form in order to begin!

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